Working Together
Our COVID-19 Response

In these stressful and uncertain times, Wagner Foundation is working with its local and international non-profit partners to support vulnerable communities. The global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) not only demonstrates our interconnectedness but reminds us that we must do more to support each other, especially in times of great need.

Wagner Foundation's consideration of both immediate needs and long-term solutions in our grantmaking recognizes that urgent action in a crisis is only the beginning of a longer process of healing and recovery.

Immediate Call to Action

Wagner Foundation's immediate response has been guided by an ongoing dialog with our non-profit partners as they provide essential resources to communities facing hardship.

Our resources have been deployed to support:

  • Medical institutions and healthcare workers on the frontline of care
  • Global health preparedness
  • Food access and security
  • Artists and small arts organizations
  • Community Foundations dispersing resources across communities
  • Individuals in need, through technology access and cash transfers

We recognize that the effects of the pandemic will be with us for many years. Looking beyond the immediate crisis, Wagner Foundation will continue to listen to our partners and the communities they serve, nationally and internationally. In addition to committing to our grantees a timely distribution of pledged funds in our June grant cycle, we will also consider additional investments for long-term, systemic recovery efforts in all sectors.

Wagner Foundation is a long-time supporter of global health equity. Now more than ever, the importance, morality and economic case for universal healthcare is self-evident.

Relief and Support

Wagner Foundation recommends the following resources for individuals and organizations seeking additional resources.

Resource Centers for Non-profits
Relief Funds
Updates and Research
Trusted Sources of Information

Wagner Foundation recommends the following information sources as they monitor the unfolding situation.

Government Institutions
Health Organizations
Research Institutions
Medical Journals
Additional Information