Wagner Foundation
Charlotte Wagner: Philanthropy Has A Role To Play by Funding Systems-Change

1. How is the Wagner Foundation responding?

Our initial focus has been on supporting first responders and those hardest hit by the pandemic, including those who have lost their livelihoods or are facing food insecurity.

Our historic focus on health equity, and our deep relationship with grantees such as Partners In Health (PIH), as well as other global health organizations, have allowed us to get money into the field quickly and effectively. In Massachusetts, PIH is implementing contact tracing programs, which we hope will become a national model.
We are also focused on the health of arts organizations. Many have been forced to make significant cuts, staff reductions and furloughs. Because of these pressures, its been important to communicate to our partners that we will continue to stand by them in this crisis. Additionally, we have supported relief funds that provide direct support for artists who have been impacted by the crisis.

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