Cultural Transformation, Education & Music
Values & Goals
Hope on a String

Hope on a String (HOAS) believes that strong, united communities are critical to sustainable social progress, and that universal affinity for music in Haiti makes it ideal for sparking social participation. HOAS leverages the power of music and the arts to empower youth and revitalize communities in Haiti. HOAS has a network of community center and school sites where they currently serve more than 3,000 students per year. At HOAS, individuals participate in music classes, performance groups, theater and dance initiatives, as well as skill-building workshops and participatory development initiatives that enrich and empower. In their program, participants build confidence, pride, powerful relationships, and skills needed to succeed. Among their network of 20+ partner elementary schools, they help youth become better learners and improve conditions for academic success. HOAS invests in locally-driven change, and is building a scalable model for social development in Haiti.

The Wagner Foundation appreciates how creating opportunities for creative learning and expression can help to build community and improve conditions for academic success in Haiti.

Hope of a String operates a community center in the micro-region of Arcahaie, Haiti that is a physical space for community engagement and empowerment through music and performing arts. Hope of a String provides music education classes for children enrolled in partner schools in the Arcahaie region. At Hope on a String, individuals participate in music, dance, and performance classes, as well as skill-building workshops and grassroots development initiatives that respond to community needs and goals.